"bioenergetics is an adventure in self-discovery.
it differs from similar explorations into the nature of the self,
by attempting to understand the human personality
in terms of the human body"



Located east of Halifax, along the beautiful Eastern Shore, Nova Scotia Bioenergetics is a therapy practice dedicated to the empowerment of healing.

Bioenergetic Analysis, founded by Dr. Alexander Lowen, American physician & Psychotherapist (1910-2008), is a psychotherapy committed to the premise that mind and body, psyche and soma, are not separate but integral aSpects of a unified whole.

Bioenergetic Analysis blends traditional psychotherapy with a body-oriented approach, helping resolve emotional issues by engaging the wisdom of both body and mind.

Bioenergetics has a long and established history, yet finds itself on the cutting edge of contemporary psychology as rapid advances in neurobiology highlight the intricate and intimate relationship between the body and mind.

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What To Expect From Bioenergetics Therapy.

Discover holding patterns

As children, many of us learned to manage our energy and feelings by holding our breath to cut off feelings. The resulting muscular tensions become chronic holding patterns that persist into adult life.  The tensions operate below the level of awareness and rob us of the vital experience of life.

Tension & Stress Relief

 Defensive holding isrooted in a person’s emotional history. While the holding helped the child at one time, it exacts its price later in life. Tensions can hinder emotional growth, reduce energy and create conditions for depression and fatigue. In general the tensions keep us out of contact with the energetic and feeling sources of the self in the body.

Movement and Breathing

In addition to analysis of a client’s history, dreams and therapeutic work, bioenergetics uses movement, breathing, stress positions and expressive exercises to work with holding patterns in the body. This allows a client to integrate repressed feelings into the more mature adult self.

Techniques and Exercises

Examples of techniques could include:

  • Expressive exercises that build a sense of self and release muscular holding such as kicking on a mattress to access strength and release held muscles
  • Grounding and exercise that induces stretching, vibration and breathing to contain strong feelings in the body.
  • Moving and stretching the muscles of the shoulders and arms to release held tension to allow more reaching for what we want and need from life

Body Work

Exercises can be gentle or powerful as needed. The body work opens feelings making more information available for the analytic work. The analytic work opens the way for the body to gain and integrate new levels of energy. Both body and analytic work are contained inside the safety of the therapeutic relationship between the client and the therapist.